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Why should I learn
Windows PowerShell?

PowerShell is a highly valued skill in the IT profession. It is a cross-platform task automation solution made up of a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework. Writing and executing scripts has proven benefits:

  • Automates maintenance tasks
  • Saves time through reusable scripts
  • Tracks task results and errors
  • Reduces errors and creates consistency

How does a PowerLearn course teach me?

To help you learn efficiently, we include the following:

  • Live online instruction according to a schedule. Our course includes structured modules to help learners onboard PowerShell skills in a meaningful way.
  • Video guides serve as a reference for each module.
  • Learning with peers and community membership. Network with others during and after the course. We share tips, tricks, and techniques in our community.
  • Earn your PowerLearn certificate by participating in all modules and passing our exam.

Is a PowerLearn course suitable for me?

Our courses are aimed at individuals already in the IT profession. Therefore, a working knowledge of Windows workstations, servers, and applications is required.

To see additional course requirements, click on a course below that you are interested in. The “Minimum Requirements” are provided.
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Our Guided Online Courses

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love us

This PowerShell course was an excellent start to my path in learning PowerShell. I would recommend the course to anyone trying to learn PowerShell. I especially liked the live interaction sessions, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and find solutions to problems.
Marco - BCX
I would recommend this course to any engineer wanting to take the simplest of tasks and improve on their turnaround time, as well as reduce lengthy tasks to make them as simple and quick as possible.
Frank - BCX
Marshall rated the course content as a “5 out 5”.
Marshall - BCX

Expert Instructor

Our online courses are led by Andrew Smith, a successful serial entrepreneur with over two decades of IT infrastructure experience in various internal positions as well as leading consulting roles.

Andrew is an owner and Director of Applxbridge and an investor in JamAngle. He successfully exited his first tech company in 2016 having co-founded it in 2003. He has executed PowerShell developments on a wide variety of projects since 2007, which he still does to present day.

Our Experience
Your Benefit

There’s nothing that beats solid experiences from the diverse, real-world projects that we fulfil for our customers. We bring this expertise and subject knowledge to our live instruction, supported by our videos. Also included is a community group where tips, tricks, and techniques can be shared by all members.
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